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 You were waiting for him in the special place on the school roof top.
He left the key with you since it would take him a bit longer to get to the spot today.
But you didn't think it would be THIS long...

Castiel: Sorry I'm late.

He startled you...
But atleast he didn't stand you up...
You were glad for that.

You: Castiel what did you want to meet me up here for?

You asked him curiously...
Because he was making you skip class.

Castiel: I just wanted to see if you had the guts...
You: The Guts? To Do What?
Castiel: The Guts to cut class and spend the day with me...

He smirked.
a heated red color filled your cheeks and he smiled like a tease seeming rather satisfied with your reaction.

Castiel: So is that a No?
You: I...I didn't say that...

A look of nervous confusion glazed over your eyes and he smirked as he took your hand.

Castiel: Good! Then Come With Me!
You: Eek!

Without so much as a chance to speak up you were pulled along by Castiel roughly by the wrist.
He dragged you along to a theme park, which left you surprised.

Castiel: Well...follow my lead, Princess.

He spoke with a wry smile, leading you by the hand.

    The first thing you do is get all access speed pass wrist bands and head inside.
Confused by all the hustle bustle you decide to just give into him and let Castiel take the lead.

Castiel: Well...what do you think?

he looked at you with a smirk.

Castiel: What should we try first?

Unable to contain your excitement you beamed.
Wanting to know what Castiel's scream sounded like, you quickly pointed to the biggest roller coaster you could find and dragged him along to follow you on it, only to be very disappoined.

Castiel: HaHaHa! Woooo! That was awesome!
You: Uuuuuugh....

You wobble around on your feet and weakly collapse to your knees, thankful to have reached solid ground again.
Castiel had whooped and laughed the entire ride...while you screamed your head off.

Castiel: Don't tell me that's all you can take?
You: What!? N-No Way!!

Not ready yet to give up on your charge straight ahead to a drop tower ride.
You, once again, scream your head off while Castiel didn't even bat an eye.

Castiel: Jeez...that sure worked up my apetite...

Castiel mutered as you two got off and started leading you tward all of the consession stands.

    Jeez! What does it take to make him scream!?

You think to yourself.
The two of you are both hungry, and decided to take a lunch break which partook of two very large slices of pizza and cold colas.

Castiel: So...What's your next plan of action to make me scream?

He smirked.

    Eek!! He knew!?

Your eyes go wide and then he laughs.

Castiel: Your face is so obvious...I can read you like a book!

Feeling defeated, you pout quietly and stuff your face with the Pizza he baught you for lunch and silence any further conversation with large swallows of cold cola.

Castiel: Soooo What Next?

        Castiel asked this as he threw away your garbage and you looked around carefully.
You guys have done almost everything already.
You pointed straight ahead.

You: That one.

You spoke point blankly.

You: Let's do the Haunted House.
Castiel: Wh-What!?

He froze midsentence and began behaving strangely.

    No Way...

You think to yourself with a smirk.

You: Castiel what's wrong?

You began to speak to him teasingly.

You: You aren't afraid are you?
Castiel: Like Hell am I afraid!

He snapped and grabbed you by the hand pulling you toward the creepy building.

Castiel: Let's go!

        The two of you wandered inside and an awkward silence fell between you.
The Haunted House was indeed creepy.
Even you got a little scared and subconsiously grabbed Castiel's hand which seemed to twitch to your touch and appear trembling.
Your eyes widen and you meet eyes with him.

You: Castiel...You....aren't afraid for real...are you...?
Castiel: I said I'm not afraid!

You were only asking in concern for him but he answered you sharply which, in turn, made you feel incredibly guilty...
Because you know that it meant he was...
He was just too proud to admit it.

    Oh Castiel...I'm so sorry!

You think to yourself as you held his hand tighter.
However it was too late for you two to turn back...
So you had to go all the way through.

        Many things leapt out at you in the darkness causing you to scream and both of you to jump in startlement...
You stayed close and clung to eachother tightly, trying to brave it through to the end when suddenly you felt the many hands reach out and grab you from the shadows and and feel your skin making you both scream and run like hell to the exit.
The two of you bolted out, screaming, together.
Finally out of the  creepy ride the two of you fell to your knees in the the day lit grass of the fairgrounds and panted looking at eachother.
Finally  had hearing Castiel scream for once, you feel satisfied and flash him a cheeky, teasing grin.

So...Even tough guys get scared...!

Castiel: hey! I know what you're thinking!

he laughed with that same old smirk on his face.

Castiel: For the record...I WASN'T scared, you got it!?

He spoke in complete denial and flashed you a smile.

Castiel: However...we are NEVER...Doing that again!

...Here's an XReader between me and You.
...For the record...
I am SO Not This lame!
....This is merely for the fans...
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WhatWordsDo22 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wren: Wow, I'm surprised. You scream like a girl! Smirk 

//I'm absolutely thrilled that I actually found a My Candy Love fanfiction, on the other hand.
SweetAmoris-Castiel Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015
--haha Thanks Yes I have written a few~//

Pf Whatever If I'm screaming Its out of Thrill. Id like to hear YOU scream though *smirk*
WhatWordsDo22 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
-OH MY LORD I AM SO SORRY I HADN'T SEEN THE REPLY! Or rather I just never check Deviantart...whatsoever...but I'll check em out!-

"Well, you would THINK that me being FEMALE and all, I would naturally scream like a girl. Really, now this is common sense!" Wren placed her hands on her hips and matched Castiel's smirk. 
EeveeGamerGirl Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Emerald: Castiel you stole this from a girl v-v tsk tsk
SweetAmoris-Castiel Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
No I didnt...
My Admin is the one who wrote it...
I posted it here for others to see.
Every time she writes somthing about me I will post it myself.
She already gave me permision Em

And Ruby....
SHE Wrote this.

...Of course its not true.
EeveeGamerGirl Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ruby: Wait your admin was....Brii? MY LIFE IS A LIE!!!!!(<-- admin)
SweetAmoris-Castiel Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
You mean you....seriously didnt know?
EeveeGamerGirl Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ruby: The group keeps secrets from me :iconcutepoutplz:
SweetAmoris-Castiel Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014 we dont.
We honestly thought you knew.
I was obvious.
She also admins Jade Nat and Ken...
EeveeGamerGirl Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ruby: KEn is neer on hehe
SweetAmoris-Castiel Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014 at Military school

((Ken will come back when I see him again in my story on MCL btw Im on now and then with Ken...just never say anything))
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